The video player has been revolutionized.

Less buttons means more simplicity. No more confusing buttons, no windows to to set up or icons to drag. That's right, we've just made smartphones a wee bit smarter.

As life long multi-taskers, we all walk while we talk and do virtually everything else in day to day life as we use our smartphones. Now with Twistext, you can enjoy a video on YouTube while simultaneously using Facebook, Gmail, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, SMS and more! Watch the trailer!

No more jumping out of YouTube to use another application. Simply Twist! Our chameleon-like app quickly transitions to your favorite sites and social media as you watch videos. Watch trailer 2!

Twistext's provisionally patented technology proudly presents a multitasking app that delivers endless content at a shift of your device - It's YouTube, with a twist!

Just $0.99 for a limited time